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Hot takes are fun, both giving and receiving them. I give hot takes to friends offline but I rarely provide that same level of quick thinking in public forums. I operate this way because slow thinking is more useful and thoughtful, and fast thinking is often for the realm of entertainment. We are currently in a crisis, only one of those concepts seems appropriate.

Slow thinking is more useful and thoughtful, and fast thinking is often for the realm of entertainment.

I’ve been oscillating between which defcon level I should be at as we move through this emergency of health…

It’s alarming yet unsurprising, how many events in our lifetime draw focus on the huge divide between a Black life and a White life. From decades of police brutality and wrongful deaths, to the Civil Rights Era-esque segregation in schools, you don’t have to look far to see the fragmentation of two societies.

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There are going to be 3 huge truths in this essay that you need to be perfectly okay with if you want to continue reading:

  1. I’m going to use the word White and Black so much it might be upsetting. Unfortunately, whatever post-racial society you fooled yourself…

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The other day, a good friend reached out to me to pick my brain about this new generation of Instagram hustlers, entrepreneurial gurus, and success sellers. He was watching an Instagram Live session of two entrepreneurs chatting, but what surprised him was that both of them were selling classes and seminars. Their schtick: How to become an entrepreneur/real estate investor and get your piece of the lavish lifestyle they both shared.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen some version of this in our lifetime. I’m finding that it’s much bigger pie than I could have ever imagined. Full transparency, I’m…

In my entire life, I’ve never experienced what you would imagine to be a successful relationship. I’m a hopeless romantic, but by no means do I think a successful relationship looks anything like a story book or a rom-com. My emotional hangups, weaknesses or literal ignorance, have just always put my partners’ in a place of immense difficulty.

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My most obvious issues no longer have a place in my life. The combination of talk therapy, group psychodrama, and intimate experiences on the path to emotional intelligence (EQ) have shined lights in places where I’ve needed to go that were far…

Have you ever noticed the most primitive effect music has on our psyche, down to the physicality of the reaction? I’m not any type of scientist, so you can plan to read only anecdotal opinion and emotion in the following essay. I do ask one thing before you proceed, put 2–3 songs in the queue and fire them up so you can listen as you read along — preferably something instrumental.

Scout’s honor. I’m trusting you’re playing a song now. Trust me it’s important.

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About two weeks ago, I had an adverse reaction to some music playing in the dining…

I think I understood the concept of capitalism before I ever learned it in school. It’s probably because my Pop’s made sure I understood the value of a dollar. I knew from jump, if I wanted my first PlayStation or a new speaker system in my car, I’d have to get after it and be enterprising.

The opposite was true of my failures. My parents weren’t going to abandon me; but, I’d have to own and face my problems without any expectation of a bailout. My parents were tough but loving. It was clear that everyone in the household was…

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I’m not really a great writer, nor am I a great swimmer. I am an expert at surviving though. And even though I’ve taken classes in literature, swimming, and finance, I never truly learned anything until I was deep in the metaphorical pool with no support.

Let’s go from vague to absolutely clear — We learn the best from failure. I hate myself already for having to use a bit of cliché. But I have a tendency to add too much of a decorative floral arrangement to my writing, so I’m going to do my best to avoid failure and…

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I’m a fashion photographer, podcast host, and educator. I shoot for brands, teach on Skillshare, and host Freelance Kills.

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